Dreaming Spires of Oxford


Radcliffe Camera and Gargoyle from the top of St Mary’s church, Oxford


All Souls 

southparksSouth Parks late afternoon



Autumn in Oxford

Oxford Light Evening

Last rays of the sun from South Parks

Oxford Light - November

Misty Spires of Oxford from South Parks

Oxford Light - November

Sunset on a foggy winter morning

Oxford Light Evening

Setting Sun. Showing Christ Church, Merton Tower, Magdalen College among other spires.

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Traditions of Oxford University

View from St Mary’s Church. A gargoyle on right creeps into the picture.

Some of the main traditions at Oxford University


Taking exams in Sub Fusc.

Students take their final examinations wearing sub-fusc. This primarily involves a black gown, white shirt and black trousers. Students have to carry a mortar board (hard hat) but they are not allowed to wear it until successfully graduating. University exams



Student cycling to last exam with red carnation

A white carnation is worn for first exam. A red carnation for last exam and a pink carnation for an exam in the middle.

Jumping off Magdalen Bridge on May morning.

A long tradition is for students to jump off Magdalen Bridge on May morning. However, the river is quite shallow and after a series of accidents with broken legs, the bridge has been closed off to prevent students jumping in.

May Morning Singing from Magdalen Tower.


On May morning May 1st, it is traditional for the Magdalen college choir to sing from the top of Magdalen Bridge to welcome the first dawn of summer. This usually occurs at around 5am.

Boat Race.

One of the oldest long running sporting fixtures. The boat race began in 1845 and has been held annually with exception of war interruptions.

Summer Eights

rowing summer-eights

Every Summer there are ‘bump races’ on the River Thames. Because the river is quite narrow in Oxford. Crews don’t race side by side, but set off at intervals, and try and catch the boat in front of them. If you succeed, you move up in the rowing tables. The best college team at the top of the table is known as the ‘head of the river’. If you are ‘Head of the River’ the winning crew can commission trophy oars in their college colours with the names and weights of the successful crew on them — commonly called ‘winning blades’.

A similar event takes place in Hilary (spring) term called Torpids.

Oxford Tutorial.


Christ Church – college of Lewis Carroll

The Oxford tutorial survives despite budget constraints. The basis of the Oxford tutorial is a one or two students to one tutor. A student will do preparatory reading and write an essay. The student will then discuss the essay with the tutor. A student may only have 1 or 2 tutorials per week. They will gain extra notes from attending lectures.



In Oxford Encaenia usually takes place on the Wednesday of the ninth week of Trinity Term (i.e. a Wednesday in the latter part of June). The ceremony takes place in the Sheldonian Theatre. There is a procession of senior member within the university, such as heads of colleges.

The Dreaming Spires

Not an official tradition. But, Oxford is famous for its dreaming spires. South Parks holds one of the most romantic views of the city.


Other Less Traditional Traditions

Put something on a gargoyle

Student have been know to have the wit to put cones on the Gargoyles which adorn the city. Here snow has done a better job.


Fancy Dress

fancy dress

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