Where to Visit in Oxford?

Radcliffe Camera Square

Radcliffe Camera Square

Oxford is a great town to visit. The best way to travel around is by bike. Cycling is the quickest and most convenient way of cycling. It is why so many residents and students cycle into town. Don’t be put off by the huge armada of buses. There are some roads closed to buses.

Within the historic heart of Oxford, it is also possible to walk around. In fact some of the back alleys and beautiful spots are best viewed at a leisurely walking pace.

Don’t worry about getting lost, because Oxford is relatively small, if you go wrong it is no harm.

Personally, I would start off in Radcliffe Camera Square. I always think of this as the heart of Oxford and is certainly one of the most beautiful. In Radcliffe Camera I advise climbing up the steps of St Marys Church, it costs a few pounds, but the views of the surrounding spires definitely make it worthwhile.

From Radcliffe Camera walk around Broad Street. This is a great street which is mostly closed to traffic so has a much more peaceful vibe than high Street which is dominated by buses. On Broad street you will see the famous Blackwells bookshop and the Sheldonian Theatre. There is also the ancient Bodleian library which houses every new book published.

Other great places to visit in Oxford

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